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Saturday Morning Coffee Update

This used to take place on Sundays. We’re going to see how Saturdays work out.

Today we are talking about advertising on the internet.
Advertising on the internet has a nasty reputation that was gained by unscrupulous folk many years ago, and the stigma remains today. There are still plenty of annoying ads created by people who seem to think they will gain enough attention to obtain your hard earned dollar. Further, there is a plethora of websites that willingly use many of these obnoxious advertising methods in an attempt to monetize their website.

All of this serves to further annoy users to the point of disdaining ads and implementing ad blocking software. Thus, conscientious web masters, their clients, and free services, who depend on advertising to produce a bit of money in order to cover server costs, are inhibited.
There are two primary means of generating money through an ad, then there are affiliate ads or links.

The first is payment by click. When you click on the ad, it will take you to the advertiser’s website. This garners the originating site a credit based on the value of that ad space, which varies beyond the scope of this write-up.

The second generates credit based on the number of impressions, or page views, the ad makes. This is generally in fractions of a cent, needing many impressions, often unique, to generate even one copper Lincoln.

Affiliate ads or links, such as's Affiliate Program, generally provide one-time, lump sums, only if the referred visitor signs up for a service or purchases a product. Many times, these types of ads can circumvent ad blocking software, but they usually generate nothing if visitors do not see the process through.

Does this mean that you should disable your ad and pop-up blocking software? Absolutely not! In fact, you can generally leave your pop-up blocker alone. Ad blocking software allows you to make exceptions for particular sites, whether the unique site your visiting or the site whose ads are served from said site. As with any tool, it is important to know how to use it to it’s greatest potential.

Why would I want to see any ads? They are annoying and ugly! Indeed, many are, but not all of them. Scrupulous site administrators will carefully choose ads that pertain to their content in order to prevent annoying their visitors. CrazedPixel Comics, for example, only runs ads related to comics. One of the ads featured in our sidebar is for our own comic, Evenin’, available for purchase through and as a physical book, or on our site as a free webcomic.

We utilize ad blocking software ourselves, however, we disable it for several websites, whether for the serving site or for the originating site. It simply depends on the other ads running on the site we are visiting. Animated ads are obnoxious, especially Flash ads. Video ads are worse, and, the crème de la crème, audio-enabled ads. Generally found with video ads and sometimes Flash ads.

Be selective in enabling ads. We will not demand you to enable them, but we will kindly ask. Our site(s) will never feature animated, video, nor audio ads. They annoy and distract readers and fans, and our readers and fans are by far more important than making money off advertising. Eventually, through your support and our mutual dedication, we won’t have to run ads. Outside of advertising our own printed comics.

Please, dear readers and fans, disable your ad blocker on Have a lovely week!

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