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A Story for St. Patricks Day!

Electra From Short Stories and Oddities (kindle)

Mom dragged me to a tiny dustbowl town when I was fifteen. Far away from drugs and violence, sex and violence, and civility and culture. There were 600 youths in the high school, which had the appearance of a five-year old’s building block construction project. It had been added on to about once a decade since forever and the last paint job was two additions ago.
My first week was a blur of crossed hallways, wrong classes, and loneliness. In the city, I had friends at a school with properly planned halls and a forward thinking numbering system for the classrooms. These country bumpkins couldn’t tell their mothers from their sisters.
I suffered the drawling instructors through the second week before I cracked. I ditched out of Math, worming out of a high window in the restroom, then crawled through the shrubs until I came to the windowless length of a connecting hallway.
I walked quickly, preparing some lame “new kid” excuse regarding labyrinthine halls and an attempt to circumvent the confusion by venturing outdoors to get back to the main office. My careful plotting was interrupted when a voice hissed.
“Get over here!” Then, “yeah, you!” it said as I peered around. Ahead was a bejeweled hand waving urgently for me to attend them in a peculiar alcove formed by the competing architectures.
There, in the shadows, was the most positively wondrous being. Vulpine eyes, a la heroin chic, plump lips with delicate hoops through the lower. Her head, shaved at the sides, sported a lime-green attempt at dreadlocks.

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"Cara" out for Alpha!

Serial number one of “Cara” (working title) has reached the end of the rough draft phase and has been provided to a few select alpha readers!
The next step, once changes are made, will be to send it out for beta and editing, target date February 28th!

Night-terrors plague young Cara Starke. At the insistence of her Aunt Jane, she schedules an initial check-up at Saint John’s Hospital.
A week later, on the day of the appointment, a man shows up with her briefcase… except Cara does not own a briefcase. Leaving the man with her grandfatherly neighbor, Cara leaves for the hospital with aunt. Little does she realize, her entire world is about to shatter.

Accompanied by an array of personalities, Cara will embark on an epic journey across oceans, through the mind, and into her own heart.

Would you like to be a beta reader?
Beta readers will receive a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) which will need to be signed before receiving a digital copy of the beta-story (your choice of pdf, doc, or odt).
Those who participate and provide feedback will receive a complimentary copy of the finished book!
If you are interested, please respond quickly. I am only accepting a total of twenty testers, five each from the following locations:


Thank you for reading, I hope to hear from you soon!

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Been Goin’ On

Watched “Room 1408" then read 1408, by Stephen King. Interesting comparison, if only in the study of two minds creating the ultimate terror one man endures.

Will say that the short story feels like a ‘hey, I have an idea for a movie’ and the movie is the ‘oh, that’s awesome! let’s just do this add this and adjust this, especially since we have so much more room for true visuals.
Glad to have seen the movie prior to reading the book; It allows for a more perceiving understanding.

Highly recommend to any who have not experienced the two!

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Midway Update

A mini update for those of you in the know!

We do still exist! Those of you whom we have recently met may be unfamiliar with our lack of online presence prior to Rose City and Jet City. This was due to mounting business within the day job realm. Things haven’t become much simpler yet, but we hope to get to some adapting and maybe pull the trigger on a few smaller items that the world can really live without…

"Something’s Going Around". If you were at Jet City, you likely received a copy of the promo booklet we put together. If you did not, well, to sum it up: it is a comic based on a short story of the same title, written by Dan Foster and contained within Draft Distro (facebook), which has already been adapted into a ten minute short film entitled “Lovesick.” It’s in the works, due out Spring of 2014.

Cinder. Alex’s baby. If you were in attendance at either of the two above-mentioned conventions, then you likely received the “teaser-trailer” for Cinder. What you may not know, is that Issue 1 is due out in Spring of 2014 as well.

ZeD presents: Sabbatical. Sorry ZeD hunters, shorts may pop up here and there but, for the time being, do not expect any major updates until some time after Spring 2014.

Small Fish. Officially back-burnered. Sorry, folks.

Finally, James has been writing. A lot. Well, a physical “lot”, not a time “lot.”  He writes on the bus and on lunch breaks. He will be very busy soon, working in retail does that, but there will be some changes in the New Year. At the last “check-in” he was going for a novella with aspirations for a novel.

Want to help us out? Send words of support, good vibes, or share our stuff with friends. If you got Short Stories and Oddities from, you can lend it to a friend (or enemy)!
If you’re close enough (exempli gratia - friend, family, creepy stranger): For things that would be a big help, check out our amazon wish list(1, 2) or send an amazon gift card!
Buy some merch! You can email either of us via james or alex at to purchase your merch by check, effectively bypassing paypal. Alternatively, you can go through our online storefront!

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Magic the Gathering Sale

So, we’ve been sitting on some Magic the Gathering cards for some time now. We really need to get these babies sold and put the proceeds toward more fun CrazedPixel stuff!
The “decks” listed on our storenvy list every card with that “deck” and careful consideration went into sorting the price on each one. If you want to grab the whole thing for less than our store cost, get in touch. We’ll negotiate and we’ll all be happy!

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